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Functionality & effect

The Posture Shirt™ from ActivePosture® helps you to obtain a natural optimal posture, whether you are sitting by a desk, exercising or active at work or your everyday life. The ActivePosture® Posture Shirt™ is designed with the patented NeuroBand™ technology which activates and stimulates your muscles. It has documented effect and is CE registered as a medical device.


Relieve and prevent pain and tension in neck, shoulders and back

With posture correcting clothing from ActivePosture® the muscles in the back is constantly being activated which means that head, shoulder and shoulder blades are being placed in a more optimal position. ActivePosture® posture correcting clothing can be used in all your daily activities, whether sitting by a desk or being active. It can help prevent pain and tension as well as treating existing pain and tension. The shirt will not lock you in a fixed position, so you can do everything you normally do, but will notice that you are just doing it in a more optimal posture. Posture correcting clothing from ActivePosture® helps you obtain your optimal posture by supporting, correcting and activating your muscles through the patented NeuroBand™ technology incorporated into the shirt. Our most popular posture correcting product is our Posture Shirt™, also known as Posture Shirt™ 2.0 which comes with all these advantages:


√ Help you obtain a better posture

√ Supports, relieves and help you minimise the risk of injury

√ Can reduce neck, shoulder and back pain

√ Activates and stimulates your muscles

√ Designed with the patented NeuroBand™ technology (only product in the world)

√ Documented effect

√ CE registered as a medical device

√ Durable and long lasting material

√ Breathable and moisture wicking


Men in ActivePosture posture shirt


Use it at work and while doing your everyday activities

The Posture Shirt™ from ActivePosture® is designed in a fit and elasticity that makes it feel comfortable to wear and making it ideal for work, exercising and most everyday activities, such as walking the dog, shopping or just going for a walk. The Posture Shirt™ will help you work on your posture and achieve a better posture, regardless of your activity level. The combination of NeuroBands™, PowerMesh-panels and the antimicrobial treatment combined with the breathable makes the Posture Shirt™ a good choice for most activities.


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