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Medical registrations

At ActivePosture® we are proud of our certificates and medical registrations. As a customer, it is your guarantee that you are investing in a quality product that has a stamp from a 3rd party acknowledging this (rather than just us telling you the product is great!). The Posture correcting clothing from ActivePosture­® is the only one of its kind registered with the FDA (The American Food and Drug Administration) as well as being CE registered as a medical device. On this page you can read more about the various registrations.


ActivePosture CE registered as a medical device


Registered with the FDA

ActivePosture® is the exclusive European distributor of the original, posture correcting clothing from California based apparel innovator AlignMed - The worlds only producer of posture correcting clothing registered with the FDA (The American Food and Drug Administration). You can see our FDA registration here.


CE registered as a medical device

In addition to the registration with FDA, the posture correcting clothing from ActivePosture is, as the only clothing of this type in Europe, CE registered as a medical device class 1. As a customer it ensures you that the clothing is compliant with the EU medical device classification and meets the environmental, health and safety requirements. The CE registration is your 3rd party guarantee that our products meet the requirements for medical devices which includes:

  • Manufactures must be able to document the quality, safety and performance of the product
  • A medical device can only be marketed as such, when it is CE registered as a medical device

While the internet is a wonderful thing, it also brings many products to the market that claims they can be beneficial, but, when it comes to posture correcting clothing, if they don't have a CE registration, it is likely a product that won't work differently than wearing a t-shirt which is too small (meaning it doesn't work at all). Always check if a product has a CE registration, check where they are based, check if they have TrustPilot-reviews. If they hide where they are from and have removed reviews, there's most likely a reason for it, they don't want you to know! If you want to know about what it takes for a product to obtain a CE registration you can read more here.


ActivePosture® sole trader

ActivePosture® is the sole trader of the original posture clothing. This means that you can only buy posture correcting clothing on www.activeposture.co.uk or one of our carefully selected partners.


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