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Back support

Back support for posture correction

At ActivePosture® we sell back support products in many variants. Each product can in its own way help relieve your back and provide support throughout the day. That be a brace, support pillow or support seat. With our wide selection you should be able to find the best back support for your needs. A back support brace intends to adjust the shoulders backwards and help the body into a more upright position which relieves the back muscles. A back support brace relieves the shoulders and prevents them from falling forward which otherwise can result in a bad posture and cause pain and tensions. A product like this is recommended for you who spend several hours doing stationary work by a desk or the like. Doing this type of work might result in your body needing extra support to relieve and prevent pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and back on a daily basis.

Find the right back support at ActivePosture®

At ActivePosture® we sell different types of back supports; posture vests, support pillows and posture seats. Our posture vest (SpinalQ Pro) is the most advanced product for prevention and treatment of severe injuries and pain problems. It is developed for severe pain problems in the neck, shoulders and back. The vest is adjustable so the individual user can adjust the amount of support and where the pull should be. So if you are looking for maximum support, the SpinalQ Pro is the solution. You are in no way fixated but have full freedom of movement when you wear a posture vest as support for the back. Our support pillows are available in two different types and sizes; a large and a small. Both support pillows work as special-shaped back supports which conform to your body for optimal support. A support pillow works as an ideal support to relieve the pressure on the lower back muscles while you sit. It can be placed by the neck, mid back or lower back as needed. The pillow can advantageously be used in your office chair, by the dining table, in a wheel chair, in the car, or while you are traveling (by plane, bus or train).

A back support provides support and relief

The last type of back support is a BackJoy which also helps you to straighten your back while you sit. A BackJoy is a support seat which provides comfort while reducing tensions and pressure between the spine and pelvis. When you tilt your pelvis forward, your spine will be placed in a more natural S-curve which reduces strain on the back. A product like this thereby activates your muscles, lifts the pelvis, provides comfort and relieves your back.

Back support for men and women

All our back supports are unisex and can be used by men and women. It is both our vests, support pillows and support seats. All back supports intend to help improve your posture, that be if you are seated or move around in your everyday.

Back support through a posture correcting shirt

A back support can for many people mean the same as posture shirt. Back support is therefore a wide description for posture clothing and ergonomic aids which all in their own way provide support to your back and help you get a more natural and optimal posture. A support for the back can work as a tool to prevent and reduce pain and tensions through poor posture.

Do you need help?

If you have questions or are in doubt about the size or function of our products, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service at info@activeposture.co.uk..