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Lumbar Support Belt

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Lumbar support belt for stabilisation and relief of the lower back.

Size Guide

The lumbar belt is unisex and comes in three sizes, which you choose depending on your waist size. 

Lower back support belt for stabilisation and relief

Combat lower back pain with a lumbar support belt for lower back support. It helps you treat back pain by decompressing your spine while doing your daily activities. The adjustable elastic bands can be custom tightened to provide the exact support you need.

Anodyne® lumbar support belt is extremely suitable to relieve tension in the lower back and the surrounding area. The lower back support belt can be used at any time - whether active or sitting. The lumbar support belt provides strong compression (which you can adjust) to the entire area of the lumbar region. If you have lower back pain, suffer from sciatica, herniated disc or something else that causes you to be in pain or discomfort, then the lumbar support belt can be of great help. The adjustable feature makes it a good fit for everyone. Simply pull the elastic which is fastened with Velcro at the front. The firm support and the soft inside makes the belt act as a warmer, which also helps to relieve pain and tension. The lower back support belt has a soft inside, and can therefore be used both under and outside your clothes, whatever you prefer!



  • Combats lower back pain by supporting and stabilizing the lumbar

  • Adjustable making it ideal for those with sciatica, herniated discs and leg pain

  • Can be used therapeutically or preventively for pain and tension

  • Also recommended for people with ageing spine

lumbar support belt or lower back support belt for pain relief
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Customer service

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ActivePosture satisfaction guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee

At ActivePosture® we always offer free returns and a generous 60-day risk-free trial period of our products. Use your new product for all your everyday activities and find out if it lives up to your expectations. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can return the product, despite it being used, within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked. We provide a prepaid return label for this purpose.

60 days return policy for your lower back support belt

Try it for 60 days with free return

If you are in doubt whether the lumbar support belt is something for you, then remember that ActivePosture® offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which includes free shippings and free returns. Try the product with our generous 60-day risk-free return policy. Use it in all your everyday activities to make sure that it is the right product for you.

lumbar support belt for everyday activities

When to use the lumbar support belt

ActivePosture® support lumbar belt can be used anytime and anywhere. It provides you with full freedom of movement, and can therefore be used in most situations. While we do recommend using the lower back support belt according to your needs, it should not replace regular movement or exercises. It is a tool that provides support and relieves the area around the lower back, but staying active will further help you combat your pain. The lower back support belt can be washed at 30 degrees celsius.