Shoulder support for a straight back

Shoulder support with a Shoulder Brace

Our shoulder support products provide support for the upper back and promote a straight back and correct shoulder posture. Our posture braces – which also go by the names back brace and shoulder brace – can be adjusted and is a form of a brace that provide support for the area around the shoulders and upper back. The back brace for posture correction works by pulling the shoulders slightly backwards with help from the adjustable straps that are tightened as needed. This promotes a correct shoulder posture while simultaneously relieving the muscles in the upper back and shoulders, thereby preventing and relieving tensions and pain in the area.

Shoulder Brace, Back Brace or Posture Brace?

The products you find in the category of shoulder support here at ActivePosture® go by the name of Posture Brace, but you might as well have stumbled across this type of product as a Shoulder Brace or Back Brace for posture correction. All of which are synonyms of the others. The names are all descriptive in terms of the function of the product; the Shoulder Brace is, as the name indicates, a brace that provides support for the shoulders. The name of the Back Brace indicates that the product is a supportive brace for the back. The name of the Posture Brace indicates that the product provides posture support. In fact, our products for shoulder support have all these above functions; they provide support for the shoulders, the back, and the posture. That is, the braces provide relief of the shoulders and back, and support the posture during the everyday.

When to wear a Shoulder Brace?

You can wear the shoulder brace – or back brace – at any time; whenever the upper body needs stability and relief, or when you simply need posture support. It is ideal to wear when sitting by the desk and the upper body needs support to prevent rounded shoulders. In this type of situation, the shoulder brace helps straighten the back, thereby preventing muscle tensions. If you tend to fall into a bad posture when standing for a longer period, a shoulder brace is also a great tool to promote a more natural posture. The shoulder brace can even be a great support when cooking, going for a walk, doing the laundry or the dishes – in situations where you might need the shoulder brace as a reminder of the good posture.

How long should I wear my Back Brace?

The shoulder brace – or back brace – for posture support can be worn as needed, and it is individual how long you can wear the shoulder brace at a time. Therefore, we recommended to start slow and wear the back brace for around 30-60 minutes at a time. Our recommendations are that you wear the back brace as needed and take it off when the back feels tired. If you experience pain or discomfort, then try shortening the time. On the contrary, you can increase the time if you need support for a longer period. Taking a few hours break from wearing it, your back might be ready for you to wear it again later the same day. Just make sure to listen to your body.

The difference between our Basic and Comfort+ shoulder supports

At ActivePosture® you find shoulder support in different qualities and prices. All shoulder supports promote a better posture and a straight back while providing support and relief. The Basic shoulder brace is our simplest shoulder support device. It is designed in neoprene, so the material is soft, and it provides a firm support. In comparison, our Comfort+ shoulder support provides more support and is also slightly more comfortable to wear. This is due to the product design, which is more advanced, and due to the materials from which the shoulder brace is made.

Buy shoulder support at ActivePosture®

Buy your new shoulder support at ActivePosture® and benefit from our 60-day return policy. Our return policy imply that you can test and try our products within 60 days from the purchase date to see if the products fit your needs. Use the products in actual situations where you need support and imagine yourself using them onwards. If you - against expectations - wish to return the product afterwards, you simply use the pre-paid return label and send the product back to us without expenses. Our goal is for our customers to become 100% satisfied.

In need of help to shoulder support or anything else?

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