Poor posture can cause back, shoulder and neck pain. The posture vests from ActivePosture® are especially developed to help combat serious neck, shoulder and back problems, by providing support and helping you to keep your shoulders and back in the right position. The posture vests are adjustable, so you can adjust them yourself to what feels most supportive and comfortable to you. The posture vest from ActivePosture® provides support from shoulders and all the way down to the lower back.

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Why choose an ActivePosture Posture Vest?

ActivePosture’s Posture Vest is more than a classic posture vest as they have built-in shoulder and lumbar straps for optimal support while being made in durable and breathable materials with an antimicrobial protection that helps transport sweat away from the body. At the same time, the posture correction vest has a so-called semi-closure, allowing you to fastening the shirt through four hooks before zipping it up. This makes it easier to put on the vest, which is especially advantageous if you are already suffering from pain. The posture vest can subsequently be tightened and adjusted with the built-in NeuroBands.

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Posture vest for women

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The posture vests from ActivePosture® can be used in all everyday situations by both men and women. For example, you can use it when driving a car, at work, lifting something heavy or just doing your regular housework. Wear it on top of a t-shirt, but underneath bigger clothing such as a sweater or jacket. At ActitvePosture® we always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 60 days full return policy. This means that within 60 days you can freely test your posture vest, and make sure it meets your expectations. We enclose a free return label in all shipments, so it is easy, simple and free to return packages to us.

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ActivePosture® posture vests for men and women

Posture vests from ActivePosture® are ideal for both women and men and are specially developed to combat severe neck, shoulder and back problems. The posture correcting vests are flexible and can be adjusted to your comfort level. At the lower back a belt is incorporated into and an x-formed band across the shoulders, the so-called NeuroBands™ helps provide optimal support. So, while the vest will sit tight, it will still be relative comfortable to wear it. At ActivePosture® we, exclusively for the UK, sell the vastly popular Spinal Q. If you are having an injury or a herniated disc, scoliosis, arthritis or similar the posture vest may help you, but it is important that a professional has determined your condition and what the best step forward is for you. Often, they will recommend the posture correcting vest due to the powerful support it provides, but each case is individual and your physician may look at your case differently.

Men's posture vest

Posture vest for women

Posture vest for men and women

SpinalQ posture vest

SpinalQ – our most advanced position vest

SpinalQ Pro is our most advanced posture correcting vest for both injury and prevention (of new injuries). The integrated NeuroBands™ improve shoulder function and allow freedom of movement required for all daily activities. It is designed for a wide range of disorders and can be adjusted to the comfort level preferred by the user. If you are looking for maximum support to combat back and shoulder pain, then this posture vest is the product for you.

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Are you a horse rider? Don’t you feel in tune with your horse? Then we can recommend a posture vest or posture correcting t-shirt from ActivePosture™. The vest helps you maintain the best possible posture while riding. It does not lock your body in a fixed position, which is why you, as a rider, still are in full control and can shift your body position and weight exactly as required in any given situation. A posture corrective vest helps activate your muscles while you ride and is already used by many skilled riders, including Show Jumper Bex Mason. By using a posture vest for riding you give your body the best conditions to obtain a good riding position in tune with your horse as well as relieving and preventing pain and tension.

Riding vest for riding

Posture vest for horse back riding

Active Posture Posture Shirt


If you don't feel the posture vest is just what you need, maybe you require slightly less support, then the Posture Shirt™ - with or without a zipper, may be a great alternative. ActivePosture Posture Shirt™ 2.0 gives you support and relieve, whether you are sitting or on the move. The Posture Shirt™ has proven efficacy and is CE registered as a medical device and designed with the patented NeuroBand™ technology that activates and stimulates your muscles.

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