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At ActivePosture® you'll find a wide range of products for your everyday wellbeing. These include knee supports, elbow pads, cushions and massage guns.

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Knee support and elbow support

Elbow and knee support for sports and everyday use

Are you looking for support braces for the elbow and knee that can be used in the everyday or at sports? Then we have a great selection at ActivePosture®. Our elbow support and knee support products are available in different qualities in neoprene and cotton. These products can potentially be a great aid for you who experience pain, swelling or instability during everyday activities such as sports, work, household tasks, walks etc. Note: we always recommend seeing your doctor and/or physiotherapist when an injury occurs to get the injury examined and get instructions for your individual rehabilitation programme.

Types of knee support products

At ActivePosture® you find a selection of products for knee support, i.e. knee braces that support and relieve the knee during everyday activities and while exercising. We offer a hinged knee brace equipped with stabilisers that ensure the knee stays in place during activities. We also offer a knee support brace with compression and no stabilisers. Both types of knee supports are suitable for relieving and supporting the knee in the everyday. Whether that be during activities to provide support or while relaxing to provide relief. Our knee support products are useful for injuries, congestion and acute pain.

Knee support for arthritis, runner’s knee, and injuries

Do you suffer from an injury in the form of runner’s knee, meniscus injury, or anterior cruciate ligament injury? Then our hinged knee brace is the optimal choice for you. Equipped with velcro bands and stabilisers it provides optimal support and ensures stability for the knee. The velcro bands in the hinged knee support allows for individual adjustment of the brace as needed. The integrated stabilisers provide maximum support as they make sure the knee stays in place and thereby prevent inappropriate twists in the knee.

Knee support with compression

Our elastic knee support brace (2-pack) provides compression which helps reduces swelling and supports the knee in the daily. The knee support is made from neoprene which makes it ultra-elastic and breathable while at the same time providing compression. It is without stabilisers and is therefore ideal to wear for a longer period during the day.

Elbow support for pain relief and support

Within elbow support we offer an elbow brace which is elastic and provides compression. Our elbow support is made from neoprene and is without stabilisers. This gives the product its high elasticity and ensures full freedom of movement in combination with high support. Our elbow support relieves pain and reduces swelling. The elbow support is therefore ideal to use if you, for instance, suffer from tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury in the elbow, acute pain, or the like.

Buy knee support and elbow support at ActivePosture®

When you buy your new knee support or elbow support product, you get 30 days return policy combined with easy and free return. With this policy we can make sure that our customers have had sufficient time to try our products and find out whether they fit their needs. All because our goal is for our customers to become 100% satisfied.

Need help with knee support, elbow support, or something else?

If you have any questions regarding size or functionality of posture correcting clothing for women, then you can always contact our customer service team on or phone +44 123 498 4902.

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