Improve your posture with ActivePosture® and reduce pain and tension

With posture corrective clothing from ActivePosture®, you can easily and effortlessly achieve better posture and reduce pain and tension in your neck, shoulders and back. ActivePosture® posture clothing for men and women helps you to increase your posture awareness and can be worn whether you are sitting in the office, travelling, being active at work or exercising.

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From kinesiotape to clothing with unique technology

Pain relief with posture clothing


Posture clothing from ActivePosture® is manufactured using a unique composition of polyester, spandex and nylon which makes the clothing durable and breathable while keeping its elasticity, as well as being comfortable to wear. It is designed with the patented NeuroBand™ technology, which is inspired by Kinesiotape. The clothes aim to reflect the contraction and expansion of the muscles to promote natural posture correction.

Posture clothing for your needs

Posture clothing from ActivePosture® provide posture support and can be used by anyone. We sell posture correcting t-shirts, bras and vests, all designed for posture correction by helping to activate the muscles and blood circulation and hereby remind the body to hold a better posture. ActivePosture's posture correcting t-shirts and bras can be used at any time; at work, when going for walks, doing your shopping, exercising and all other daily activities. In every kind of activity where you wish for posture support. To get the most out of your posture clothing we recommend that you carefully read the instructions which are enclosed with each product. This way you will be able to get the optimal posture correction effect out of our products.

Suffer from an injury?

If you have an injury, or if you have a spinal disc herniation, scoliosis, arthritis or related condition, you may benefit from wearing posture corrective clothing. If you haven't been given a diagnosis, we strongly recommend consulting a professional to discuss the best way forward for you. Some professionals may recommend our Posture Shirt™ others our Spinal Q, a vest for posture correction with our most powerful support function. Our products are registered as medical devices and as such you have a guarantee that they are safe for you to use. If you need any advice about our products and which one will be best for you, you can always contact the customer service team.

Lumbar support belt
Lumbar support belt
Sale price£49.95
Posture Brace - Comfort+
Posture Brace - Comfort+
Sale price£39.95
Men's Posture Shirt™ - Black
Men's Posture Shirt™ - Black
Sale price£89.95

Why choose posture clothing from ActivePosture®?

Posture Shirt™ is the best choice when looking for pain reduction in neck, shoulders and back or if you are looking for a faster recovery after an injury, for instance, a shoulder injury. The shirt may also help prevent injuries when you do gym activities or other physical activities. How can the shirt do that? The shirt is anatomically constructed with NeuroBands™, which is tension panel bands that activates and stimulate specific muscle groups and joints to help improve your posture. This controlled resistance causes your muscles to contract to increase strength and keep you in an upright position. For those suffering from a shoulder injury or have recently had surgery, we recommend the zipper version of our Posture Shirt. We also have a wide selection of other products that provide back support, including three different posture braces and a lumbar support belt. What these products have in common are posture correction and pain relief.

Top 10 compelling reasons to prioritize and perfect your posture

1. Enhanced concentration:

A proper posture boosts oxygen uptake and enriches the brain's blood supply, leading to heightened concentration.

2. Sustained Mobility:
A proper posture diminishes joint and muscle wear, preserving mobility through the years.

3. Optimal Digestion:
A proper posture ensures adequate spacing for organs, fostering a streamlined digestive process.

4. Relief from Back Pain:
A proper posture alleviates undue strain, reducing the potential for back pain.

5. Improved Physical Appearance:
Maintaining a proper posture highlights the body's natural lines, creating a sleeker look.

6. Boosted Self-Image:
Standing tall exudes confidence and assertiveness, while a hunched posture may suggest self-doubt.

7. Headache Deterrence:
Maintaining a proper posture reduces the likelihood of recurring headaches.

8. Vigor and Vitality:
A proper posture prevents unnecessary energy expenditure, keeping you lively.

9. Elevated Mood:
There's an intrinsic connection between posture and emotions. Standing tall can elevate spirits, whereas slouching can dampen them.

10. Breathing at its Best:
A proper posture encourages deeper breaths, enhancing oxygen intake and ensuring robust lung health.

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