Posture Brace - Comfort+
Posture Brace - Comfort+
Posture Brace - Comfort+
Posture Brace - Comfort+
Posture Brace - Comfort+
Posture Brace - Comfort+

Posture Brace - Comfort+

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Improve your posture and avoid strains and stresses with the Posture Brace Comfort+, our most comfortable posture brace. Learn more

Are you in doubt whether to choose a Posture Shirt™ or a Posture Brace? Read more about the difference here.

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Posture Brace - Comfort+

Size Weight
S/M 109-154 lbs
155-205 lbs
206-251 lbs

Posture Brace - Comfort+

Size Weight
S/M 109-154 lbs
155-205 lbs
206-251 lbs

Posture Brace with extra high comfort

  • Increases postural awareness
  • Stablises and supports the shoulders and back
  • Easy to wear and adjust to your needs
  • Can be used for leisure and at work
  • Provides extra comfortable support

Avoid straining your neck, shoulders and back and achieve an improved posture with our Shoulder Posture Brace Comfort+. It is designed to improve the posture by stabilising the shoulders and thereby ensuring that they do not fall forward. With the help of its two adjustable straps, Comfort+ can be adapted to your starting point and needs. The comfortable design and the durable materials mean that our Comfort+ provides extra support for the upper body. This makes it indispensable in a busy everyday life, where the good posture is easily forgotten. Comfort+ can be used for everyday life, at work and where ever you need extra support and stabilisation.

Compared to our other Posture Brace, the Shoulder Posture Brace Comfort+ is the most comfortable and pleasant to wear. You can choose Comfort+ if you wish to be able to wear it for up to several hours at a time.

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Top 10 compelling reasons to prioritize and perfect your posture

1. Enhanced concentration:

A proper posture boosts oxygen uptake and enriches the brain's blood supply, leading to heightened concentration.

2. Sustained Mobility:
A proper posture diminishes joint and muscle wear, preserving mobility through the years.

3. Optimal Digestion:
A proper posture ensures adequate spacing for organs, fostering a streamlined digestive process.

4. Relief from Back Pain:
A proper posture alleviates undue strain, reducing the potential for back pain.

5. Improved Physical Appearance:
Maintaining a proper posture highlights the body's natural lines, creating a sleeker look.

6. Boosted Self-Image:
Standing tall exudes confidence and assertiveness, while a hunched posture may suggest self-doubt.

7. Headache Deterrence:
Maintaining a proper posture reduces the likelihood of recurring headaches.

8. Vigor and Vitality:
A proper posture prevents unnecessary energy expenditure, keeping you lively.

9. Elevated Mood:
There's an intrinsic connection between posture and emotions. Standing tall can elevate spirits, whereas slouching can dampen them.

10. Breathing at its Best:
A proper posture encourages deeper breaths, enhancing oxygen intake and ensuring robust lung health.