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Back Support

Back Support

At ActivePosture® you will find the best range of back supports for upper back and lumbar support.

Back Support and Shoulder Support for a straight back

Back support for posture correction

At ActivePosture® we sell back support products in many variants. Each product can in its own way help relieve your back and provide support throughout the day. That be a brace, support pillow or support seat. With our wide selection you should be able to find the best back support for your needs. A back support brace intends to adjust the shoulders backwards and help the body into a more upright position which relieves the back muscles. A back support brace relieves the shoulders and prevents them from falling forward which otherwise can result in a bad posture and cause pain and tensions. A product like this is recommended for you who spend several hours doing stationary work by a desk or the like. Doing this type of work might result in your body needing extra support to relieve and prevent pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and back on a daily basis.

Find the right back support at ActivePosture®

At ActivePosture® we sell different types of back supports; posture braces and lumbar support belts. Our posture brace is developed for posture correction and to relief the upper back and shoulders during the everyday. The braces are adjustable so the individual user can adjust the amount of support and where the pull should be. Our lumbar support belt is developed to provide support and stability around the lower back.

Back support for men and women

All our back supports are unisex and can be used by men and women. They are available in different sizes, allowing individual fit and comfort. All back supports intend to help improve your posture, that be if you are seated or move around in your everyday.

Back support through a posture correcting shirt

A back support can for many people mean the same as posture shirt. Back support is therefore a wide description for posture clothing and ergonomic aids which all in their own way provide support to your back and help you get a more natural and optimal posture. A support for the back can work as a tool to prevent and reduce pain and tensions through poor posture.

Shoulder support with a Shoulder Brace

Our shoulder support products provide support for the upper back and promote a straight back and correct shoulder posture. Our posture braces – which also go by the names back brace and shoulder brace – can be adjusted and is a form of a brace that provide support for the area around the shoulders and upper back. The back brace for posture correction works by pulling the shoulders slightly backwards with help from the adjustable straps that are tightened as needed. This promotes a correct shoulder posture while simultaneously relieving the muscles in the upper back and shoulders, thereby preventing and relieving tensions and pain in the area.

Shoulder Brace, Back Brace or Posture Corrector?

The posture products you find in the category of shoulder support here at ActivePosture® go by the name of Posture Brace, but you might as well have stumbled across this type of product as a Shoulder Brace, Posture Corrector or Back Brace for posture correction. All of which are synonyms of the others. The names are all descriptive in terms of the function of the product; the Shoulder Brace is, as the name indicates, a brace that provides support for the shoulders. The name of the Back Brace indicates that the product is a supportive brace for the back. The name of the Posture Corrector indicates that the product provides posture correction and support. In fact, our products for shoulder support have all these above functions; they provide support for the shoulders, the back, and the posture. That is, the braces provide relief of the shoulders and back, and support the posture during the everyday.

When to wear a Shoulder Brace?

You can wear the shoulder brace – or back brace – at any time; whenever the upper body needs stability and relief, or when you simply need posture support. It is ideal to wear when sitting by the desk and the upper body needs support to prevent rounded shoulders. In this type of situation, the shoulder brace helps straighten the back, thereby preventing muscle tensions. If you tend to fall into a bad posture when standing for a longer period, a shoulder brace is also a great tool to promote a more natural posture. The shoulder brace can even be a great support when cooking, going for a walk, doing the laundry or the dishes – in situations where you might need the shoulder brace as a reminder of the good posture.

Buy shoulder support and back support at ActivePosture®

Buy your new shoulder support at ActivePosture® and benefit from our 30-day return policy. Our return policy imply that you can test and try our products within 30 days from the purchase date to see if the products fit your needs. Use the products in actual situations where you need support and imagine yourself using them onwards. If you - against expectations - wish to return the product afterwards, you simply send the product back to us without expenses. Our goal is for our customers to become 100% satisfied.

Do you need help with back support or shoulder support?

If you have questions or are in doubt about the size or function of our products, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service at e-mail or phone +44 123 498 4902.

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