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The original, patented, and registered posture clothing. Achieve a better posture and reduce pain and tension with ActivePosture® posture wear.

Why choose posture correcting clothing from ActivePosture®?

Take care of your body - every day

Many of us sit down for most of our workday, which takes its toll on the body - especially the neck, shoulders and back. Others have physical jobs, which may require lifting or being forced into poor work positions which can lead to pain and tension and have major consequences for one's life quality. Often the pain and tension can be alleviated with a better focus on one's posture. Thankfully, more and more workplaces are considering their employee's health and have a focus on the work environment, but the issues with neck, shoulder and back pain only seem to increase.

The medically registered posture clothing from ActivePosture® help its wearer to have a better posture awareness and with its patented NeuroBand™ technology the clothing corrects, supports and activates the muscles and promotes a better posture. With posture corrective clothing, the back muscles are constantly being activated, which means that the head, shoulders and shoulder blades are placed in a more optimal position. The posture correcting clothing from ActivePosture® can be used regardless if you sit most of the day or are very active. The clothing can serve as a prevention against having problems due to poor posture, but can also combat existing pain and tension. The products are not restricting you, meaning they are not overtaking your muscles functionality. This means that you can do all your daily activities exactly as always, just with a better focus on your posture and health.

Posture correcting clothes that actually work

Posture correcting clothing from ActivePosture® includes both t-shirts, bras and vests, all of which help you maintain an optimal posture. The ActivePosture® posture clothing is designed to suit your everyday needs and helps relieve pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Several studies, which you can find on our website, show that the posture correcting clothing from ActivePosture® has the desired effect of providing its user with a better posture.

This is how the posture clothing from ActivePosture® works

At ActivePosture® we sell the original posture correcting clothing, designed with the patented NeuroBand™ technology. A technology that consists of a combination of materials aiming to reflect the contraction and expansion of the muscles to promote the best possible posture. The posture correcting clothing from ActivePosture® is the only one on the market of its kind which is both FDA-approved and CE-registered as a medical device. This is your guarantee that our products meet the strict requirements for being listed as a medical device.

Posture t-shirt

Our most popular posture correcting clothing is Posture Shirt™, which helps you achieve a better posture in your everyday life - whether you are active or sitting for long hours at a time. With the posture correction t-shirt, you can get a better posture and achieve relief in your everyday life, whether from neck, shoulder or back pain. If you find it difficult to put tight-fitting clothing over your head, for example, due to an injured shoulder, you should choose the Posture Shirt™ Zipper. This version has the exact same effect as the original pullover version, but can be easier for some to put on.

Posture vest

The ActivePosture® posture correcting clothing also includes a specially designed posture vest, which is developed to help those with very serious neck, shoulder and back issues. The posture vest is adjustable allowing various degrees of tension for maximum comfort. The vests are most often acquired by customers after a recommendation from a health professional and we do recommend consulting a professional if you have very severe neck, shoulder or back issues and are considering this product, as it can often be used together with any physiotherapy you may be having.

Posture clothing made using durable and breathable materials

Posture clothing from ActivePosture® is manufactured using a unique composition of polyester, spandex and nylon which makes the posture clothing durable and breathable while keeping its elasticity. Posture clothing from ActivePosture® has undergone an antimicrobial treatment which gives the clothing the ability to transport sweat away from the body.

Taking care of your posture clothing

To keep your shirt in the best possible condition for the longest possible time, we do recommend washing the posture clothing by hand, however our products are machine washable at 30°C delicate wash, but should NEVER be tumble-dried as that will destroy the NeuroBands™ incorporated into the shirt. The clothes should not be ironed.

Can we assist you?

If you have any questions regarding size or functionality of our posture correcting clothes you can always contact our customer service team on +44 123 498 4902 or

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