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Posture clothing for men from ActivePosture® improves posture and can reduce pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and back.

Posture clothing for men

Posture clothing with the patented NeuroBand™ technology

At ActivePosture® we sell the original posture clothing for men in the shape of posture correcting t-shirts and vests. Our most popular product is the Men's Posture Shirt™ which, through the patented NeuroBand™ technology, provides support to encourage better posture. The NeuroBand™ technology is inspired by Kinesiotaping and the combination of the material is designed with the aim of reflecting the contraction and expansion of the muscles to promote the best possible posture.

Relief of pain and tension in neck, shoulders and back

Do you suffer from pain and tension in neck, shoulder or back then posture clothing for men from ActivePosture® can be a good everyday supplement to reduce these. With the posture clothing from ActivePosture® you can work on your posture in a comfortable and easy way. Improving your posture can help reduce or prevent pain or tension in neck, shoulders and back.

Posture clothing for work, sport and everyday activities

Posture correcting clothing for men from ActivePosture® can be used in most situations - at work, when exercising or during everyday activities. The posture clothing for men is made from a unique combination of materials that make it comfortable to wear whilst feeling a slight pull in your shoulders that will remind the body to align its posture. While the shirt is very popular to wear under a regular work shirt, given the sporty look and the combination of PowerMesh panels that make the shirt breathable, and the antimicrobial protection that helps transport sweat away from the body, it can easily replace your regular workout shirt, even helping you obtain a better posture throughout your workout. No matter the occasion there's always a good excuse to wear the t-shirt as your base layer and benefit from the many advantages of wearing posture clothing for men.

Posture correcting t-shirts for men

Men's Posture Shirt is available with and without a zipper functionality and can be used to prevent and reduce pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and back. The Men's Posture Shirt™ Zipper has the exact same effect as the pullover version, but for those suffering from bad shoulders, for instance after an operation, or just, in general, have difficulties getting tight-fitting clothes over their head, we recommend the zipper version. If you have been given a diagnosis and been advised to do exercise, ActivePosture® recommends that posture correcting clothing for men can be used as a supplement to that exercise or any potential physiotherapy, depending on the severity of your tension and pain.

Posture correcting vests for men

The ActivePosture® posture clothing for men also includes different posture braces, also called posture vests, which serve to improve the posture while relieving the upper back and shoulders during the everyday. The posture vest is ideal to wear during the work day or at home while cooking, going for a walk etc.

Durable and breathable materials

The posture clothing for men from ActivePosture® is manufactured by a unique combination of materials. The composition allows the body to maintain its body temperature, is sweat transporting, breathable and remains flexible in use.

Do you need any help?

If you have any questions regarding size or functionality of posture correcting clothing for women, then you can always contact our customer service team on or phone +44 123 498 4902.

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