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Eases pain

Healthy posture can relieve tension and pain in your back, shoulders and neck.


Prevents injuries

Helps prevent you from having problems with pain in the future.


Relieves body

Relaxes stressed muscle groups and relieves tension in neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Pain relief with posture correcting clothing

We go to great lengths to prove the effectiveness of our products. That's why we commissioned an independent survey that collected responses from 1,039 of our customers. The study concludes that our Posture Shirt™ has a positive effect on posture and can be used as an additional aid for pain relief in the head, neck, shoulders and back.

We are medically registered

ActivePosture® is the only posture corrective clothing retailer in Europe whose products are both FDA registered and CE marked as medical devices. This means that our products meet a number of strict environmental, safety, quality, and performance requirements.
This registration applies to both our Posture Shirt™, SpinalQ Pro, and MyLign Pro.

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