Posture clothing for women

Posture clothing targeting women

At ActivePosture® we have a wide selection of posture correcting clothing for women. Amongst others, you will find our popular Women's Posture Shirt 2.0 and our posture correction bra, the AlignMe Interactive Bra, which provides support and relief. Wearing posture clothing will activate the muscles in the back and shoulders helping to place head, shoulders and shoulder blades in an optimal position. This is made possible due to the patented NeuroBand ™ technology, which is the key feature in all of the posture clothing for women from ActivePosture®. The technology helps you maintain an optimal and healthy posture, whether you are sitting in the office, active at your work or exercising.

Do you suffer from pain in back, shoulders or neck?

If you suffer from pain in back, shoulders or neck then posture clothing from ActivePosture® is a good everyday tool to combat these issues. With posture clothing from ActivePosture® you will be able, in a simple and easy way, to achieve a better posture and reduce any pain and tension in neck, shoulders and back related to poor posture

Specially designed posture clothing for women

ActivePosture® have a special selection of posture correcting clothing for women. You will find a selection of t-shirts, bras and vests. They are all manufactured using the patented NeuroBand™ technology, designed with the aim to reflect the contraction and expansion of the muscles to promote the best possible posture. We recommend that the posture clothing for women is used as a supplement to exercise and in addition to any physiotherapy-treatment, depending on the severity of your pain and tension.

Posture correcting t-shirts for women

Posture clothing for women from ActivePosture® is designed to fit the female physique. Women's Posture Shirt™ 2.0 Zipper has a front full length zip, making it the best choice for women with physical issues, for instance, shoulder injuries, or for those having difficulty putting on or taking off tight-fitting clothing.

Posture correcting bra for women

The AlignMe Interactive Bra from ActivePosture® is a functional bra that can easily replace your regular bra and be used for everyday activities and when exercising. The AlignMe Interactive Bra is closed from the front by a combination of hooks and a zipper. This makes it very easy to take it on and off.

Choose the colours you prefer

The posture correcting shirts from ActivePosture® come in standard white and black colours as pullovers and zipper styles. The bras come in standard white and nude colours. There will always be a limited edition of other colours. This way you can easily match your posture clothing to your wardrobe. The tight-fitting functionality makes it easy to wear under your regular clothes and the bra can be used instead of your regular bra. These factors enable you to experience the many benefits of posture clothing for women.

Durable and breathable materials

The posture correcting clothing for women from ActivePosture® is manufactured by a unique combination of polyester, spandex and nylon. The composition allows the body to maintain its body temperature, is sweat transporting, breathable and remains flexible in use.

Do you need any assistance?

If you have any questions regarding size or functionality of posture correcting clothing for women, then you can always contact our customer service team on